Emergency Number: 911, Emergency Management Office 859-257-3815 or 859-257-6655

Personal Safety Tips

  • Do not walk or jog in the early morning or late at night. The streets are deserted during these times.
  • When you are out at night, walk with a friend.
  • Do not carry more money then you need for that day.
  • Do not display your cash or any other inviting targets such as cell phones, hand-held electronic games or expensive jewelry.
  • If you think you are being followed, switch directions or cross the street. If the person continues to follow you, move quickly toward an open store or restaurant or a light house. Do not be afraid to yell for help.
  • Park in well-lighted areas close to walkways, stores, and people and with good visibility.
  • Have your key out as you approach your door.
  • Always lock your car, even in your own driveway. Never leave your motor running.
  • Do everything you can to keep a stranger from forcing you into his or her car or to keep a stranger from getting into your car.
  • If you have been abused by a dating partner, never meet him or her alone. Do not let him or her in your home or car when you are alone.
  • If you are a battered spouse, call the police immediately. Assault is a crime, whether it is committed by a stranger, spouse, or family member. If you believe that you and your children are in danger, call a crisis hotline or health center and leave immediately.
  • If someone tries to rob you, give up your property. Property is replaceable. You are not.
  • If you are robbed or assaulted, report the crime to the police. Try to accurately describe the attacker. Your actions can help prevent someone else from becoming a victim.






Information obtained from National Crime Prevention Council at http://www.ncpc.org/topics/violent-crime-and-personal-safety/protect-yourself-from-violent-crime

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