Emergency Number: 911, Emergency Management Office 859-257-3815 or 859-257-6655


If you discover a fire:
  • R—Rescue anyone in immediate danger, if possible without endangering yourself. NEVER enter an unknown (or unfamiliar) area, especially if smoke is visible,
  • A—Activate the fire alarm system: Immediately call:
    From campus phone: 911
    From cell phone*: 911 or #UKPD (#8573)
    *If you dial 911 from a cell phone to report something on campus immediately tell the dispatcher that you are calling from UK Campus and provide them with the street address or exact location from which you are calling.
  • C—Confine the fire by closing doors as you leave the building.
  • E—Evacuate the building and report the situation to the first arriving firemen or police. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
    NOTE: you are not required to extinguish a fire with a fire extinguisher and should use an extinguisher only if you have been trained and the situation does not present a personal safety hazard.
  • DO NOT RE-ENTER the building until you have been instructed to do so.

When the fire alarm sounds:
  • FEEL THE DOOR—a "too hot to touch door" means the fire is outside the door.
  • IMMEDIATELY EVACUATE the building. Go to your pre-designated area. Treat all alarms as a real emergency. Always use the exit stairs. Never use an elevator. Close the door as you leave the room.
  • CRAWL should you get caught in smoke. If necessary, go to the window and signal for help.
  • ASSIST A PHYSICALLY IMPAIRED PERSON TO THE CLOSEST EXIT STAIRWELL and advise emergency personnel of this condition.
  • NEVER RE-ENTER THE BUILDING until fire officials give the approval.
  • REPORT anyone causing a false alarm to the emergency responding personnel.

If trapped in the building:
  • Close all doors and windows.
  • Wet and place cloth material around and under the door to prevent smoke from entering.
  • Attempt to signal people outside of the building. Call for help using a telephone or cell phone.

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