Emergency Number: 911, Emergency Management Office 859-257-3815 or 859-257-6655

After the Emergency

Regardless of the source or type of emergency, careful attention to administrative procedures must be paid to ensure protection of the facility and those within.

After a Workplace Injury or Illness

If an individual is injured or becomes ill as a result of his/her workplace environment, follow these procedures:

  1. Ensure that the individual has receive the appropriate medical care
  2. Notify the individual's immediate supervisor of the injury and of surrounding events.
  3. Consult the Occupational Health and Safety page for appropriate forms and phone numbers used in documenting the incident.
  4. If further assistance is needed, contact:
    Division of Crisis Management & Preparedness—257-3815
    Risk Management—257-3708
    Human Resources—257-9555

Damage to Buildings

In those cases in which a building was damaged during an emergency, take the following actions:

  1. Notify the appropriate Physical Plant of the damage:
    1. Main Campus—257-3844
    2. Medical Center—323-6281
  2. Notify Risk Management (257-3708) of the damage and provide them with necessary information.

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